Mountain Cleaning Station/Shelter

The brief of this project comprised the design of a mountain shelter, which could accommodate ten people, spending a period of two weeks per year, dedicated to the cleaning process of Mount Everest.

The design required the shelter to be placed at approximately the height of camp 3 (~6800 m), avoiding any use of heavy equipment or machinery facilitating the building process or transportation of construction materials.

Being one of the most challenging obstacles, transportation represented the main design concept point. For this reason, the design solution that I chose for this project was a modular temporary building that is made of backpack like elements. During transportation, these elements help carrying other construction or non-construction objects and once on site, they are to be assembled and shape the building floor. The building surface is hinged anchored to the rock on one side and on the other is being stabilized with cables. The entire shelter is covered in a sandwich layer of two tensotherm fabric skins with a 500 mm layer of air in between.

Project Description

  • Year: 2015
  • Type: Academic Research
  • Team: Liviu Paicu