The Green Factory

Due to the fast paced urbanization, today’s cities are rapidly transforming in tomorrow’s metropolises. Thus, the need of central growth and distribution is becoming more and more urgent. With this project we aimed to integrate two of the most common issues of an evolving city:

  • High growth rate of office space; and
  • High demand of fresh and healthy food.

The project is based in Rotterdam within the top of the third Marconi tower. The final design presents a significantly modified version of the tower structure into a building typology that facilitated good office space and the perfect crop growth environment.

With the help of our project we would like to influence current and future designers to think about smart ideas for integral solutions for both present and upcoming architectural and social issues. Our aim was also to show that an urban farm can transcend the design and technological limit of the greenhouse and turn into an interesting architectural point within the urban architecture.

Project Description

  • Year: 2014
  • Type: Academic Research
  • Team: Firat Isik | Thomas Boudewijn | Calcen Chan | Liviu Paicu