Symbiotic Mutialism Tower

The deterioration of our living environment has been exponentially increasing over the last centuries. The temperature is rising, the resources are depleting and the air is constantly polluted, facts that cannot be ignored anymore. The human parasitic existence has to be reshaped into a symbiotic one. We need to include our planet’s benefit in our evolution process.

The project’s concept is derived from nature, where symbiosis has been the main ingredient for our planet’s evolution.
The Symbiotic Mutualism Tower proposal is to create a new building typology, where sustainability represents the core element.

Just like a plant, the building extracts CO2 from the air and with the help of solar energy, water and salt (Ionic Liquids), is able to produce core ingredients for bio-fuel and most important, clean the polluted air from the surroundings.

Project Description

  • Year: 2011
  • Type: Design Competition
  • Team: Liviu Paicu