Lighthouse Reformation

The idea behind the project for the rehabilitation of the Murro Di Porco area is to become one of the multiple stops on a path of culture and history. Starting from Siracusa, the  coast of Syracuse exposes a mix of relaxation, cultural and historic content. The Murro Di Porco center is a perfect spot for an addition to this axis and a perfect spot to further expand it. This is why the architectural typologies that are being used in this project are heavily influenced on the architectural typologies that are to be found along the coast of Syracuse such as forts, summer theaters and promenades.

Another ramification of this broader approach is that instead of making a solitary center, the new Murro Di Porco area should work as a catalyst for the entire region. This is done through different architectural typologies (summer theater, museum, restaurant and waterfront boulevard) that invite not only the hotel visitors, but also the locals to interact with the new spaces. On the other hand, the hotel is organised in the form of apartment blocks. Therefore, besides the onsite restaurant the guests will have to interact with the local markets and shops.

Because the natural beauty of the existing place, any new elements should blend and not contrast with the surroundings. Therefore, the additional built elements complement the existing tranquil character of the environment by means of harmonizing materials and spatiality.

Project Description

  • Year: 2016
  • Type: Design Competition
  • YAC
  • Team: Liviu Paicu