UNEC Traveling Pavilion

The project represents a traveling pavilion for the United Nations Environmental Council. With the ETFE skin, plastic structure and covered with the living polymer façade, the pavilion is an exhibition piece itself.

The EVOLUTION pavilion was designed as a temporary traveling pavilion that would be capable to adapt to different climatic situations and programmatic changes. The concept was based on a mass plus envelope idea with the purpose of accommodating multiple functions.

The envelope is formed out of a recycled plastic tubes truss, followed by a layer of ETFE cushions and protective temperature responsive polymer panels. Within the envelope, the program can take any desired shape. The full built project includes a conference room, offices, a restaurant and two different sized auditoriums and additionally, the always-present exposition.

Project Description

  • Year: 2012
  • Type: Academic Research
  • Team: Calcen Chan | Liviu Paicu