Casa Musa Salbatica

Artist Dweling

As part of an artist’s neighborhood, the project Casa Musa Salbatica was designed to accommodate the life of an artist, more specific a painter and sculptor.

The house is strategically composed with the purpose of sheltering both work and family activities that do not interfere with each other. The project concept is based on the division of daily functions, having three axes: Living, Recreation and Working. Different size volumes were created along the three axes, according to the required surfaces. The direction and position in space of volumes were dictated by the surroundings. The living and kitchen are situated along the main access road, the artist’s atelier is situated along the common sculpture garden and the dormitories are elevated and form the bridge between the two other functions.

Project Description

  • Year: 2009
  • Type: Academic Research
  • Team: Liviu Paicu